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Definition of celebration:

  1. The act, process, or time of celebrating.


coronation, worship, merrymaking, jubilancy, do, magnification, joviality, function, bash, revel, recognition, conviviality, solemnity, solemnisation, blast, gaiety, Mardi Gras, installation, blowout, mirth, centenary, anniversary, remember, millennium, reading, solemnization, compliment, sadness, occasion, jubilation, presentation, group, festivity, applause, fete, fiesta, laudation, party, laughter, pageantry, singing, gala, keeping, performing, eulogy, panegyric, ceremonial, jamboree, carnival, affair, kudos, frolic, plaudit, shindig, triumph, festival, restraint, acclaim, encomium, wassail, jubilance, birthday, Saturnalia, shindy, work, commendation, soiree.

Usage examples: