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Definition of certifiable:

Synonyms for certifiable:

certified, factual, definite, brainsick, definitely, pukka, unbalanced, bats, dinkum &amp, crazed, maniacal, psycho, wacko, fruity, bedlam, haywire, nutty, daft, authentic, right, gaga, demented, non compos mentis, deranged, true, unhinged, realistic, sure-enough, wud, bipolar, ludicrous, insane, bonkers, childish, crackbrained, not in your right mind/not right in the head, meshuga, barmy, ridiculous, moonstruck, crackers, qualified, mental, hysterical, diminished responsibility, laughable, loco, objective, crazy, bughouse, cracked, firm, mad, cuckoo, lunatic, scatty, New Zealand, undeniable, honest, batty, daffy, crackpot, over-the-top, loony tunes, certain, loony, silly, echt, screwy, nuts, genuine, cranky, wacky, unsound, kooky, balmy, confused, psychotic, bona fide, real, depressed.

Usage examples: