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Definition of chafe:

  1. Heat excited by friction.
  2. Injury or wear caused by friction.
  3. To be worn by rubbing; as, a cable chafes.
  4. To excite heat in by friction; to rub in order to stimulate and make warm.
  5. To excite passion or anger in; to fret; to irritate.
  6. To fret and wear by rubbing; as, to chafe a cable.
  7. To have a feeling of vexation; to be vexed; to fret; to be irritated.
  8. To rub; to come together so as to wear by rubbing; to wear by friction.
  9. Vexation; irritation of mind; rage.


persecute, baffle, stupefy, ride, pique, rile, amaze, gall, gag, razz, nonplus, vexation, cancel, expunge, reprimand, bug, twit, choke, scratch, reach, urticate, bewilder, perplex, fray, shake up, flummox, lose it, pain in the neck, lambaste, rag, jaw, feelings, mystify, vex, take to task, scold, reprobate, frazzle, ruffle, have words, chew out, irritate, take on, progress to, knead, nettle, get at, call off, frost, fret, chew up, eat into, reproof, infliction, decry, raise up, spite, commove, access, pose, dun, discommode, call on the carpet, run, cod, see red, stifle, tantalize, massage, scrape up, dumbfound, headache, botheration, lose your cool, grave, roil, incommode, aggravator, trounce, inconvenience oneself, make, fly into a temper/rage, concern, lambast, call down, provoke, help, niggle, fuss, lecture, scratch up, rally, excise, kill, annoyance, worry, eat, strike, berate, mind, itch, disoblige, frustrate, bother, trouble oneself, annoying, stick, rebuke, get, irritation, pain in the ass, annoy, hold against, excoriate, go off at the deep end, beat, rise to, puzzle, burn, nark, bawl out, get to, gravel, objurgate, crucify, inscribe, inconvenience, gripe, tantalise, remonstrate, pother, eat away, stir up, buff, taunt, condemn, hack, erode, lose your temper (with), corrade, snap, put out, rub, calm, chide, agitate, devil, engrave, come up, dress down, pound.

Usage examples: