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Definition of champion:

  1. To furnish with a champion; to attend or defend as champion; to support or maintain; to protect.


magician, single, aesthesis, sensory faculty, ally, suspensor, booster shot, hoagy, headliner, support, patron, genius, battler, takeoff rocket, garter, fight, booster unit, unity, dandy, vanquisher, star topology, wiz, backer, first-rate, whizz, oppose, adept, booster station, swell, asterisk, promoter, agonist, supporter, relay transmitter, heroine, poor boy, sense impression, athletic supporter, hotshot, hold, wedge, attack aircraft, superb, scrapper, sensation, wizardry, mastermind, adorer, protagonist, tiptop, wizard, first-class, booster amplifier, jockstrap, booster dose, plugger, prizewinning, takeoff booster, sentiency, assistant, paladin, lifter, submarine sandwich, topflight, capital, defend, maintain, necromancer, thaumaturge, sub, submarine, best, relay link, ace, brag, title-holder, tophole, esthesis, maven, superstar, hero sandwich, bomber, combatant, hero, recall dose, friend, fight down, lead, fighter, booster rocket, represent, jock, quality, grinder, prime, superior, fighter aircraft, splendid, zep, sorcerer, brainiac, whiz, bully, acquaintance, champ, top, brain, hoagie, sense datum, excellent, good, guard, booster, one, fend for, flair, great, topnotch, fine, torpedo, terrific, thaumaturgist, relay station, protector, banner, mavin, sense experience, belligerent, guardian, shoplifter, helper, fight back, brilliance, angiotensin-converting enzyme, admirer, help, sponsor, sentience, A-one, sense, principal, blue-ribbon.

Usage examples: