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Definition of char:

  1. A car; a chariot.
  2. Alt. of Charr
  3. To burn slightly or partially; as, to char wood.
  4. To reduce to coal or carbon by exposure to heat; to reduce to charcoal; to burn to a cinder.
  5. Work done by the day; a single job, or task; a chore.


housemaid, cremate, flash, flame, catch, skivvy, woman, fair sex, maidservant, ignite, melanise, study at burn, spring-clean, catch fire, cleaning woman, house girl, nigrify, consume, light, charwoman, incinerate, cleaning lady, brand, coal, set on fire, melanize, handmaiden, black, blaze, set fire to, charr, adult female, clean, cauterize, hot, carbonize, scorch, blacken, kindle, womanhood, keep house (for someone), housekeeper, go up, biddy, wench.

Usage examples: