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Definition of chasten:

  1. To correct by punishment; to inflict pain upon the purpose of reclaiming; to discipline; as, to chasten a son with a rod.
  2. To purify from errors or faults; to refine.


lead, naturalize, adjust, domesticate, cultivate, decry, subdue, domesticise, control, restrain, keep down, subordinate, counterbalance, hold in, compensate, normalize, conquer, purify, chastise, sort out, refine, rebuke, hold, mince, slump, domesticize, tone down, suppress, uplift, curb, encourage, berate, praise, reprehend, moderate, stamp down, harden, reprove, even up, subjugate, reclaim, scold, correct, improve, reduce, decline, humiliate, master, check, surmount, naturalise, mortify, quash, humble, rectify, make up, repress, call down, overcome, scourge, anneal, mollify, even out, tame, roast, season, clarify, set, right, chair, castigate, temper, get over, objurgate, inhibit, even off, reprimand, soften, reprobate, excoriate, redress, contain.

Usage examples: