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Definition of chat:

  1. A bird of the genus Icteria, allied to the warblers, in America. The best known species are the yellow- breasted chat ( I. viridis), and the long- tailed chat ( I. longicauda). In Europe the name is given to several birds of the family Saxicolidae, as the stonechat, and whinchat.
  2. A twig, cone, or little branch. See Chit.
  3. Light, familiar talk; conversation; gossip.
  4. Small stones with ore.
  5. To talk in a light and familiar manner; to converse without form or ceremony; to gossip.
  6. To talk of.


chin-wag, gabble, visit, maunder, confer, yap away, backchat, chitchat, yack, causerie, rattle on, dialogue, tattle, babble, inflict, inspect, catch up, discourse, dress down, chaffer, haggle, bawl out, jaw, host, table talk, schmoose, huckster, words, rap, chide, remonstrate, claver, trounce, take to task, small talk, gibber, jangle, have words, browse, speak, gas, lambaste, piffle, twaddle, waffle, rag, reproof, manducate, palaver, clack, chew, dish the dirt, heart-to-heart, chew the fat, blurt, masticate, yak, murmur, new world chat, see, blab, scold, chatter, hook up, dial up, reprimand, higgle, call on the carpet, travel to, confabulation, tête-à-tête, schmooze, bring down, get into conversation (with someone), pass the time of day (with someone), flame, gab, chin music, exchange, banter, blabber, call in, download, gabfest, cackle, old world chat, confabulate, facebook, blurt out, call, chew up, natter, tittle-tattle, claver, prate, impose, lambast, click, colloquy, bookmark, chew out, engage someone in conversation, chit-chat, maintain, fall into conversation, confab, shoot the breeze, berate, yack away, call down, repartee, lecture, rebuke, jabber, gossip.

Usage examples: