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Definition of chaw:

  1. As much as is put in the mouth at once; a chew; a quid.
  2. The jaw.
  3. To grind with the teeth; to masticate, as food in eating; to chew, as the cud; to champ, as the bit.
  4. To ruminate in thought; to consider; to keep the mind working upon; to brood over.


mastication, crump, masticate, flock, mickle, slew, fireplug, gnaw, chomp, stopper, mouth, pound, hoopla, tidy sum, pound sterling, mass, sight, wad, nag, deal, plug, pile, mountain, crunch, chump, ballyhoo, hatful, nibble, sparking plug, spate, plenty, heap, spark plug, mess, fire hydrant, peck, hack, stopple, chewing, cud, batch, quid pro quo, champ, rechewed food, pot, jade, male plug, great deal, munch, quite a little, quid, chew, manduction, hype, muckle, mint, good deal, stack, raft, passel, lot.

Usage examples: