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Definition of chemise:

  1. A shift, or undergarment, worn by women.
  2. A wall that lines the face of a bank or earthwork.


hammock, shift, slip, dismissal, miscue, skid, discharge, dismission, work shift, slipperiness, teddies, sac, faulting, strip, sackful, geological fault, sideslip, transmutation, parapraxis, case, teddy bear, poke, mooring, shimmy, sack, berth, elusion, pillow slip, slickness, slip of paper, pouch, fault, slick, liberation, cutting, pocket, eluding, solecism, carrier bag, switching, break, sacking, trip, shifting, release, firing, gaffe, duty period, teddy, sacque, transformation, switch, gaucherie, faux pas, paper bag, moorage, displacement, slip-up, shift key, pillowcase, fracture.

Usage examples: