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Definition of chew:

  1. That which is chewed; that which is held in the mouth at once; a cud.
  2. To bite and grind with the teeth; to masticate.
  3. To perform the action of biting and grinding with the teeth; to ruminate; to meditate.
  4. To ruminate mentally; to meditate on.


passel, call down, pound sterling, scold, chit-chat, lot, male plug, quid, sparking plug, manducate, yap away, natter, bonbon, mountain, bite, rattle on, candy, munch, rechewed food, pot, hype, claver, chew up, heap, hatful, wad, chew out, lambaste, chaffer, lecture, hoopla, mess, berate, confab, center, dress down, shoot the breeze, chatter, sacramental manduction, chat, chaw, cigarette paper, good deal, jade, bubble gum, peck, mastication, fag, great deal, slew, tidy sum, crunch, cigarette, bite at, deal, sight, chewing, mouth, yack, chitchat, take to task, visit, gossip, spate, mickle, gulp, cheroot, grind, chide, crump, stopple, masticate, rebuke, claver, crush, bawl out, ruminate, quite a little, munch, flock, rend, ballyhoo, raft, spark plug, bong, pile, batch, nag, eat, confabulate, remonstrate, champ, butt, chew the fat, jaw, call on the carpet, crunch, feast upon, mass, nibble at, pound, stack, stopper, cud, yack away, reprimand, gnash, chomp, trounce, fireplug, have words, gnaw, muckle, candy cane, scrunch, candy bar, briar, candyfloss, nibble, champ, chump, hack, chew the cud, plenty, plug, manduction, cigar, quid pro quo, reproof, caramel, candy apple, dispatch, lambast, fire hydrant, ciggy, mint, rag, chomp.

Usage examples: