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Definition of chew up:

Synonyms for chew up:

gossip, remonstrate, annoy, yack away, bedevil, raise, chatter, slash, tease, crunch, lather, have words, tantalise, reproof, bait, manducate, conjure up, strap, taunt, ravage, point out, bring up, stir, razz, chit-chat, call forth, irritate, lambaste, trash, champ, masticate, rebuke, confabulate, confab, lambast, eat away, shatter, crush, frustrate, beat, chew the fat, ride, lash, chew out, dress down, get at, ruin, vex, arouse, bite, nark, grumble, scold, grouch, yack, claver, yap away, bawl out, chafe, nettle, talk, underdress, berate, gnaw, conjure, put forward, vandalize, welt, rattle on, gravel, chide, dun, call down, torment, jaw, tantalize, crucify, vanquish, shoot the breeze, devastate, bother, chomp, reprimand, natter, lecture, rag, destroy, cod, chitchat, take to task, claver, twit, bite at, mutilate, trounce, censure, visit, chat, beat out, rally, chew, criminate, call on the carpet, shell, devil, obliterate, rile, invoke, chaffer, evoke, flog, whip, get to, cane.