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Definition of china:

  1. A country in Eastern Asia.
  2. ware, which is the modern popular term for porcelain. See Porcelain.


Dresden, Derby, Nationalist China, Staffordshire, ceramic, Imari, Chantilly, Spode, dishes, bisque, crocks, Rose Medallion, Taiwan, stoneware, chinaware, Chelsea, porcelain, mainland China, eggshell, Wedgwood, bone, Royal Doulton, slip, Hizen, PRC, terra cotta, china clay, Meissen, Plymouth, Crown Derby, Haviland, earthenware, cruet, canteen, Communist China, kaolin, Worcester, bone china, Limoges, Kouan-Ki Rose, dinner service, People's Republic of China, Lowestoft, crockery, Delft, Red China, Republic of China, cutlery, fuller's earth, clay, pottery, Belleek, Swansea, fine.

Usage examples: