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Definition of chip in:

Synonyms for chip in:

pass, interpose, conduce, reach, cut someone short, afford, consecrate, ante up, lend, pay, pay out, chime in, return, present, invest in, subscribe, throw, bestow, participate, move over, put up, generate, contribute, intrude, donate, lead, give, open, hand, leave, disburse, come across, shout out, jump in, grant, impart, intervene, apply, add, founder, ease up, cut in, finance, pitch in, fall in, devote, turn over, give way, break in, pass on, bear the cost/expense etc., bring, set in, have, yield, dedicate, gift, kick down, sacrifice, commit, spend, interrupt, hold, break, cave in, fund, put in, interject, render, kick in, collapse, continue, establish, make, feed.