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Definition of choose:

  1. To do otherwise.
  2. To make a selection; to decide.
  3. To make choice of; to select; to take by way of preference from two or more objects offered; to elect; as, to choose the least of two evils.
  4. To wish; to desire; to prefer.


carry, want, cull, make out, engage, demand, postulate, deal, tell apart, opt, hold, fill, take aim, take away, take, choice, assume, drive, look at, call for, set aside, charter, involve, go with, extract, desire, take in, get, have, recognise, prefer, admit, lease, get hold of, film, withdraw, need, exact, separate, cut out, single, favour, arrange, subscribe to, claim, select, train, recognize, hire, necessitate, shoot, contract, rent, ask, accept, spot, pack, ingest, distinguish, discern, please, set apart, vote for, require, reject, contain, study, direct, appoint, guide, strike, glean, occupy, take up, acquire, subscribe, lead, embrace, collect, take on, discard, convey, submit, conduct, cast, learn, discriminate, consume, will, weigh, bring, make, remove, use up, excerpt, exercise, pick out, sort, read, keep.

Usage examples: