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Definition of chronic:

  1. Continuing for a long time; lingering; habitual.
  2. Relating to time; according to time.


inborn, unceasing, lingering, rooted, lasting, habitual, fixed, ingrained, deep-rooted, continue, stubborn, inveterate, continued, continuous, uncured, of long duration, persistent, deep-seated, incurable, intermittent, long-lived, persistent, ceaseless, perpetual, persisting, inbred, unabating, recurring, tenacious, ever-present, continuing, prolonged, settled, obstinate, unyielding, protracted, sustained, incorrigible, lingering, enduring, abiding, confirmed, incessant, lifelong, long-standing, permanent, perennial, habituated, degenerative, hardened, protracted, addicted.

Usage examples: