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Definition of churlish:

  1. Like a churl; rude; cross- grained; ungracious; surly; illiberal; niggardly.
  2. Wanting pliancy; unmanageable; unyielding; not easily wrought; as, a churlish soil; the churlish and intractable nature of some minerals.


crass, gloomy, ill-bred, ungracious, barbarian, vulgar, uncouth, smooth, base, dogged, vulgar, ill-humored, ill-natured, unrefined, severe, boorish, splenetic, indelicate, uncultured, gruff, Philistine, morose, uncivilized, barbaric, rude, courtesy, crude, boorish, unpolished, coarse, tasteless, sulky, rough, uncultivated, rude, gross.

Usage examples: