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Definition of citizen:

  1. A person, native or naturalized, of either sex, who owes allegiance to a government, and is entitled to reciprocal protection from it.
  2. An inhabitant of a city; a townsman.
  3. Having the condition or qualities of a citizen, or of citizens; as, a citizen soldiery.
  4. Of or pertaining to the inhabitants of a city; characteristic of citizens; effeminate; luxurious.
  5. One who enjoys the freedom and privileges of a city; a freeman of a city, as distinguished from a foreigner, or one not entitled to its franchises.
  6. One who is domiciled in a country, and who is a citizen, though neither native nor naturalized, in such a sense that he takes his legal status from such country.


countryman, citizenry, national, group, citizenship, birthright, subject, city slicker, suburbanite, townsfolk, townspeople, urban warrior, community, the body politic, countrywoman, townie, politics.

Usage examples: