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Definition of clad:

  1. imp. & p. p. of Clothe.
  2. of Clothe
  3. To clothe.


dighted, dressed, garmented, mantled, lobster-backed, bundled-up, costumed, uniformed, gowned, panoplied, cloaked, togged up, side, turned out, skin, sheathe, black, vestmented, appareled, breeched, attired, underdressed, bedecked, tuxedoed, dolled up, decked out, caparisoned, heavy-coated, garbed, suited, cover, habited, cassocked, robed, spruced up, surpliced, draped, coated, togged, trousered, spiffed up, adorned, dressed to the nines, habilimented, decked, surface, sheathed, pantalooned, face, white, cowled, clothed, overdressed, dressed-up, petticoated, arrayed, dressed to kill, red-coated.

Usage examples: