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Definition of claptrap:

  1. A contrivance for clapping in theaters.
  2. A trick or device to gain applause; humbug.
  3. Contrived for the purpose of making a show, or gaining applause; deceptive; unreal.


style, poppycock, harangue, drivel, garbage, drivel, rigmarole, hooey, words, orotundity, bombast, twaddle, bunk, blather, grandiloquence, ranting, applesauce, turgidity, plain, blah, crap, fustian, rant, bunkum, tomfoolery, baloney, bunk, idiocy, nonsense, tommyrot, nonsense, piffle, trash, knowledge, bull, magniloquence, balderdash, malarkey, rubbish, bilge.

Usage examples: