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Definition of clasp:

  1. A close embrace; a throwing of the arms around; a grasping, as with the hand.
  2. An adjustable catch, bent plate, or hook, for holding together two objects or the parts of anything, as the ends of a belt, the covers of a book, etc.
  3. To inclose and hold in the hand or with the arms; to grasp; to embrace.
  4. To shut or fasten together with, or as with, a clasp; to shut or fasten ( a clasp, or that which fastens with a clasp).
  5. To surround and cling to; to entwine about.


suitcase, handgrip, detainment, traction, comprehend, compass, touch, time lag, hug, eyelet, entrap, hairgrip, ensnare, delay, clench, close off, hold, apprehend, capture, hold on, take, appreciation, clutches, bobby pin, buckle, handling, grasp, postponement, custody, crumple, tap, cargo area, pat, brush, clutch, warp, storage area, secure, heave, hang on, discover, gripe, squeeze, travelling bag, lock out, jam something open/shut, close up, grip, overtake, hold tight, range, cufflink, cummerbund, move, reach, block off, clutch pedal, cradle, bag, upon), eye, cargo deck, detention, lay hold of, clutch bag, grab, braces, handle, shut, take hold of, batch, traveling bag, carry, keep hold of something, handhold, drawstring, contact, wait, fasten, adhesive friction, brooch, snatch, cargo hold, bar.

Usage examples: