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Definition of classic:

  1. A work of acknowledged excellence and authority, or its author; - originally used of Greek and Latin works or authors, but now applied to authors and works of a like character in any language.
  2. Alt. of Classical
  3. One learned in the literature of Greece and Rome, or a student of classical literature.


unadulterated, unpolluted, absolute, holy, determinate, guiltless, typical, immaculate, continent, quintessential, true, model, definitive, simple, chaste, unspotted, clean, unsullied, ranking, first-rate, standard, paradigmatic, sheer, undefiled, established, important, prototypical, noteworthy, typical, genuine, archetypical, archetypal, vintage, prototypal, timeless, ideal, real, prototypical, mere, immortal, untarnished, same, time-honored, good, classical, guileless, model, uncorrupted, authorized, paramount, unmixed, unmingled, untainted, spotless, upright, unblemished, ageless, archetypic, unstained, typic, authorised, unequivocal, innocent, vintage, representative, distinguished, usual, enduring, canonical, authoritative, quintessential, well-known, pure, traditional, stainless, incorrupt, prototypic, famous, archetypal, perfect, virtuous, clear.

Usage examples: