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Definition of classify:

  1. To distribute into classes; to arrange according to a system; to arrange in sets according to some method founded on common properties or characters.


kick downstairs, differentiate, value, number, enlighten, bar, clear, digest, distribute, fall apart, codify, list, sieve, crystalize, tell apart, come apart, segregate, alphabetize, branch, shed light on, correct, elucidate, crystalise, distribute, tabulate, range, severalise, correlate, dissever, file, break up, submit, crystallise, secernate, put in order, severalize, associate, bump, match, catalog, docket, demote, single out, reduce to order, size, introduce a system, dispose, sort out, sort, incorporate, index, break, disunite, pass on, collocate, tell, consort, split up, form into classes, allocate, discipline, allot, separate, banish, split, break down, distinguish, coordinate, analyze, affiliate, divide, part, range, straighten out, collect, clear up, regiment, tag, screen out, name, place in a category, ramify, assort, discriminate, secern, crystallize, furcate, fork, ticket, relegate, class, illuminate, carve up, assign.

Usage examples: