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Definition of clatter:

  1. A rattling noise, esp. that made by the collision of hard bodies; also, any loud, abrupt sound; a repetition of abrupt sounds.
  2. Commotion; disturbance.
  3. Rapid, noisy talk; babble; chatter.
  4. To make a rattling noise with.
  5. To make a rattling sound by striking hard bodies together; to make a succession of abrupt, rattling sounds.
  6. To talk fast and noisily; to rattle with the tongue.


hubbub, maunder, ruckus, clutter, welter, tumult, fuss, helter-skelter, fun, hurly-burly, cluck, to-do, bobbery, beep, blather, splore, sounds, hurry-scurry, hurly, coil, hoopla, palaver, clink, hullabaloo, zoo, stew, blare, gibber, boom, ballyhoo, pandemonium, shindy, clangor, furore, stir, pother, tattle, clank, clang, prattle, brattle, bustle, tittle-tattle, furor, piffle, kerfuffle, blab, bang, bluster, chink, storm, uproar, squall, bump, foofaraw, corroboree, disturbance, blabber, ruction, moil, hurry, blast, rumpus, click, clack, prate, williwaw, ado, clash, whirl, clip-clop, alarums and excursions, bother, hoo-ha, do, twaddle, gabble, turmoil, noise, caterwaul, row, hubble-bubble, hurricane.

Usage examples: