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Definition of cleanser:

  1. One who, or that which, cleanses; a detergent.


borax, abrasive, purifier, toiletbowl cleanser, cleaning agent, furniture polish, laundry detergent, solvent, soap flakes, dishwashing detergent, washing crystals, clean, washing powder, bleach, cleansing agent, baking soda, lye, sal soda, cleaning fluid, cold cream, silverpolish, chloride of lime, detergent, deodorant, washing soda, naphtha, gasoline, oven cleaner, kerosene, soap powder, household ammonia, antiseptic, refiner, shampoo, spray cleaner, polish, cleansing cream, purgative, cathartic, vinegar, cathartic soap, soap and water, floor wax, bluing, fumigant, lather, dry cleaner, rug shampoo, chlorine compound, clarifier, floor polish, purifier, disinfectant, benzine, scouring powder, refinery, French chalk, wallpaper cleaner, carbon tetrachloride, suds, cleaner, soap.

Usage examples: