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Definition of clerk:

  1. A clergyman or ecclesiastic.
  2. A man who could read; a scholar; a learned person; a man of letters.
  3. A parish officer, being a layman who leads in reading the responses of the Episcopal church service, and otherwise assists in it.
  4. An assistant in a shop or store.
  5. One employed to keep records or accounts; a scribe; an accountant; as, the clerk of a court; a town clerk.


auditor, concierge, file clerk, dominie, clerical, salesman, drummer, divine, the bench, hotelier, seller, auctioneer, the bar, shop assistant, housekeeper, buyer, salesperson, checker, salesgirl, greeter, attorney, shop clerk, desk clerk, saleswoman, chambermaid, salesclerk, religion, secretary, ecclesiastic, register, registrar, vender, priest, parson, bailiff, barrister, circuit judge, notary, doorman, hawker, commissionaire, cashier, chief justice, bellhop, ring up, undercharge, attorney general, copyist, assistant, cleric, serve, booking clerk, wait on, churchwoman, typist, bagger, churchman, overcharge, reverend, bellboy, deacon, advocate, teller, clergyman, clergywoman, preacher, minister.

Usage examples: