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Definition of clinker:

  1. A kind of brick. See Dutch clinker, under Dutch.
  2. A mass composed of several bricks run together by the action of the fire in the kiln.
  3. A scale of oxide of iron, formed in forging.
  4. Scoria or vitrified incombustible matter, formed in a grate or furnace where anthracite coal in used; vitrified or burnt matter ejected from a volcano; slag.


fiasco, clinker brick, bummer, inaccuracy, bust, miss, frost, gaff, oversight, gaffe, turkey, catastrophe, mistake, washout, cinder, debacle, stumble, boo-boo, misstep, bomb, fizzle, flop, trip, slip, loser, fluff, goof, lapse, lemon, brick, blunder, shipwreck, clunker, flub, clanger, bobble, miscue, disaster, screwup, slipup, dud, fumble, fault, boob.

Usage examples: