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Definition of closing:

  1. of Close


ratiocination, latter, apogee, blockage, final stage, climax, at (long) last, bridge loan, terminal, occlusion, latest, closing curtain, bath, bottommost, chain, mop up, (as) a last resort, last, stoppage, start, year-end, remnant, resolution, conclusion, remainder, ultimate, building society, blockbusting, stop, lag, determination, final, cloture, concluding, appraisal, end, destruction, settlement, completion, close, crowning, hindmost, shutdown, block, windup, gag law, terminative, appraise, law of closure, pass completion, culmination, closedown, balloon mortgage, closure, deciding, gag rule, ending, goal, eventual, BR, shutting, oddment, rearmost, decision, stopping point.

Usage examples: