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Definition of closure:

  1. A conclusion; an end.
  2. A method of putting an end to debate and securing an immediate vote upon a measure before a legislative body. It is similar in effect to the previous question. It was first introduced into the British House of Commons in 1882. The French word cloture was originally applied to this proceeding.
  3. That which closes or shuts; that by which separate parts are fastened or closed.
  4. That which incloses or confines; an inclosure.
  5. The act of shutting; a closing; as, the closure of a chink.


layover, occlusion, stop, answer, occlusive, engine block, closing, declaration, full stop, cylinder block, law of closure, culmination, pulley, resolution, check, solution, wrap-up, village, blocking, blockage, consummation, point, completion, end of the line, gag rule, pulley block, colonization, plosive, stoppage, mop up, stop consonant, colonisation, city block, gag law, full point, plosive speech sound, closedown, windup, resoluteness, small town, continue, resolving, shutdown, period, solvent, auction block, firmness, firmness of purpose, occluded front, terminus, mental block, cease, resolving power, cloture, wind-up, resolve, solving, shutting, liquidation, conclusion, stopover, finish, arrest, diaphragm, colony, block, plosive consonant, finish, result, stopping point, settlement, close, cube.

Usage examples: