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Definition of clothed:

  1. of Clothe


breeched, clad, dressed, shod, togged up, habited, dressed-up, lobster-backed, decked out, engrossed, cowled, appareled, underdressed, masked, covered, absorbed, dressed to the nines, gowned, turned out, dolled up, decked, panoplied, captive, bedecked, suited, coated, cassocked, white, mantled, arrayed, uniformed, adorned, dressed to kill, bundled-up, surpliced, petticoated, spruced up, intent, invested, veiled, tuxedoed, heavy-coated, overdressed, garbed, robed, enwrapped, spiffed up, togged, wrapped, habilimented, cloaked, caparisoned, garmented, draped, vestmented, disguised, red-coated, black, pantalooned, dighted, costumed, trousered, attired.

Usage examples: