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Definition of cloy:

  1. To fill or choke up; to stop up; to clog.
  2. To glut, or satisfy, as the appetite; to satiate; to fill to loathing; to surfeit.
  3. To penetrate or pierce; to wound.
  4. To spike, as a cannon.
  5. To stroke with a claw.


sate, barf, frighten away, fill, study at satiate, content, scare off, frighten off, scare away, weary, engorge, bilious, chuck up, jade, scare, satiate, come up, glut, excess, carsick, airsick, gorge, fatigue, dull, die, bloated, surfeit, daunt, full, satisfy, become flat, bring up, suffice, pall, tire, disgorge, dash.

Usage examples: