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Definition of clutch:

  1. A device which is used for coupling shafting, etc., so as to transmit motion, and which may be disengaged at pleasure.
  2. A gripe or clinching with, or as with, the fingers or claws; seizure; grasp.
  3. Any device for gripping an object, as at the end of a chain or tackle.
  4. The hands, claws, or talons, in the act of grasping firmly; - often figuratively, for power, rapacity, or cruelty; as, to fall into the clutches of an adversary.
  5. The nest complement of eggs of a bird.
  6. To close tightly; to clinch.
  7. To reach ( at something) as if to grasp; to catch or snatch; - often followed by at.
  8. To seize, clasp, or gripe with the hand, hands, or claws; - often figuratively; as, to clutch power.


great deal, clutches, take, get through, travelling bag, handle, hold close, part, usurp, custody, impound, catch, postponement, tidy sum, adhesive friction, good deal, conquer, range, link, quite a little, cargo area, coupling, cargo deck, mickle, lay hold of, suitcase, snatch, capture, hatful, clutch pedal, plenty, overtake, sequester, compass, comprehend, hairgrip, clinch, cling to, get hold of, hold tight, get, clench, handgrip, stack, arrogate, mess, mint, ensnare, bobby pin, pile, reach, wait, nab, detainment, storage area, discover, upon), gripe, clasp, grab, clutch bag, mass, peck, slew, prehend, flock, confiscate, detention, wad, passel, hold, entrap, pot, mountain, connection, seize, muckle, assume, appreciation, apprehend, traveling bag, cargo hold, appropriate, bag, raft, secure, heap, lot, sight, take hold of, attach, time lag, grasp, take over, batch, traction, grip, delay, spate, deal, contact.

Usage examples: