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Definition of coarse:

  1. Large in bulk, or composed of large parts or particles; of inferior quality or appearance; not fine in material or close in texture; gross; thick; rough; - opposed to fine; as, coarse sand; coarse thread; coarse cloth; coarse bread.
  2. Not refined; rough; rude; unpolished; gross; indelicate; as, coarse manners; coarse language.


lumpy, incult, frank, plain-spoken, foul, gritty, filthy, brusk, farinaceous, harsh, grainy, usual, roughened, low-grade, uneven, earthy, granulose, rasping, mutual, low-rent, prickly, Fescennine, inconsiderate, churlish, broken, scatologic, bad, scabrous, porny, gutter, miserable, croaky, locker-room, scraggy, common, mediocre, bumpy, impudent, lowbred, uncouth, abrupt, roughhewn, crappy, blustering, scatological, granulated, schlock, dirty, wretched, ribald, grained, terrible, second-rate, vernacular, barbarian, el cheapo, blunt, courtesy, cheesy, gravel, rusty, cheapjack, gross, bluff, impure, sandy, trumpery, unwashed, mealy, wanton, pornographic, uncultured, smooth, shoddy, cut-rate, bawdy, indecent, blue, unprintable, ironbound, scurrilous, lowbrow, loose, cragged, gravelly, rubbishy, granular, textured, raffish, lewd, gimcrack, croaking, vulgar, pebbly, irregular, rough-hewn, crude, junky, illiberal, insensible, insolent, plebeian, lousy, bargain-basement, bum, decent, raunchy, craggy, lascivious, smutty, poor, uncultivated, unmannerly, coarse-grained, trashy, rotten, gruff, smart, stag, nasty, throaty, X-rated, inferior, roughneck, abrasive, grating, bold, execrable, unrefined, husky, open, raspy, rough-cut.

Usage examples: