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Definition of cockpit:

  1. A pit, or inclosed area, for cockfights.
  2. In some aeroplanes and flying machines, an inclosure for the pilot or a passenger.
  3. In yachts and other small vessels, a space lower than the rest of the deck, which affords easy access to the cabin.
  4. That part of a war vessel appropriated to the wounded during an engagement.
  5. The Privy Council room at Westminster; - so called because built on the site of the cockpit of Whitehall palace.


boom, bay, beam, amidships, battlefield, Grand Prix, fishing line, black box, autocross, bow, checkered flag, bastion, emplacement, beachhead, dragnet, bilge, Daytona Beach, ballast, bridgehead, creel, bowsprit, decoy, altimeter, drift net, dragster, crash helmet, berth, aileron, airfoil, drag race, AWACS, aerofoil, buffer zone, avionics, disputed, fishing rod, drifter, barb, auto racing, bait, dugout, blade, breach, aft, grid.

Usage examples: