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Definition of coddle:

  1. To parboil, or soften by boiling.
  2. To treat with excessive tenderness; to pamper.


go bad, mess up, baffle, bungle, bollocks up, bumble, boil down, corrupt, bollix up, favor, fumble, featherbed, bollocks, foil, bobble, mishandle, bodge, muff, bake, baby, rape, poach, fluff, itch, vitiate, cross, pamper, indulge, wait on someone hand and foot, botch, charbroil, brown, treat well, simmer, baste, cocker, flub, do well by someone, despoil, cosset, pander, overindulgence, barbecue, overindulge, plunder, botch up, cook, impair, blow, mollycoddle, mar, luxuriate, nurse, foul up, parboil, gratify, scotch, burn, muck up, roll out the red carpet for someone, ball up, louse up, deflower, braise, fuss over, thwart, cater, violate, stew, bilk, spoil, broil, flatter, boil, frustrate, dandle, steam, wet-nurse, screw up, embrace, pet, bollix.

Usage examples: