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Definition of coil:

  1. A rope gathered into a circular heap.
  2. To gather or wind into a circular heap, as a rope or serpent.


anode, kink, spin around, axial motion, hoopla, bun, draw in, furore, blather, rumpus, cone, circuit breaker, bight, clutter, bowl, weave, deform, wreathe, squall, acceleration, moil, bankroll, ruckus, bottom gear, curl up, brake fluid, winding, fuss, gyrate, reshape, roster, bother, clatter, axial rotation, entwine, form, fun, curlicue, hullabaloo, cast, abortionist, do, condom, disturbance, swing, squiggle, hubbub, storm, ringlet butterfly, shape, zoo, shindy, crescent, hand-build, curl, ball, furor, hurry-scurry, handbuild, bubble, hubble-bubble, whorl, grip, to-do, ABS, corroboree, gyre, turmoil, tendril, hurricane, brake, uproar, whirl, welter, work, helter-skelter, circuit, alternator, rolling wave, contact, curve, surge, helix, contraception, genus Helix, roll, automatic transmission, hurly-burly, row, stew, ballyhoo, conduit, intertwine, drum roll, air brake, balloon, heighten, ringlet, peal, hurry, bend, ado, engulf, hoo-ha, corkscrew, birth control, pother, pealing, ruction, bobbery, revolve, straighten, contraceptive, open up, band, twirl, come over, williwaw, paradiddle, antilock braking system, volute, barrier method, rotate, abortion, snake, spin, rolling, sweep over, bustle, twine, lock, straight, tumult, circuit board, scroll, pandemonium, bulge, reel, swirl, cathode, splore, stir, alarums and excursions, loop, lap, abortionist, spiral, color, pulse, roller, run, bluster, kerfuffle, foofaraw, wave, circuitry, repetition, circle, diaphragm, hurly, grow, brake pad.

Usage examples: