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Definition of coin:

  1. A piece of gold, silver, or copper stamped; money.
  2. To make money of metal; to make, as to coin a word; to forge or fabricate.


gold, coinage, bread, silver, chips, moola, bullion, green, happen upon, lolly, tender, creativity, pelf, excise, walk out, fall, discover, specie, banknote, shine, loot, collide with, notes, dough, currency, design, light upon, copper coin, jack, expunge, assume, mint, come across, breakthrough, silver piece, bills, long green, capital, hit, chance on, kale, development, take, strickle, cash, run into, fall upon, come upon, legal tender, wampum, cabbage, mill, change, chance upon, funds, lucre, affect, money, property, needful, bill, bucks, devise, impress, attain, move, strike, take up, Frankenstein's monster, copper, come to, discovery, shekels, contrive, creative, impinge on, scratch.

Usage examples: