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Definition of coke:

  1. Coal charred or half burnt in kilns or ovens- see charcoal.
  2. To char or half burn.


one C, cappuccino, blast, speed of light, ascorbic acid, century, degree Celsius, vitamin C, club soda, cannabis, reverse, cocain, smokeless, snow, cocaine, gust, cytosine, reversal, atomic number 6, americano, angostura, bitters, chocolate, coulomb, angel dust, hundred, blow, ampere-second, cider, anabolic steroid, setback, c, buttermilk, brew, charlie, acid, snowfall, bump, coca cola, crack, Class A drug, light speed, degree centigrade, black eye, deoxycytidine monophosphate, controlled substance, chai, nose candy, puff, shock, anthracite.

Usage examples: