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Definition of collapse:

  1. A falling in or together; extreme depression of the bodily energies.
  2. To fall inwards or together; to close by falling together.


get it, miss, get out, commit, let out, yield, come apart, clangour, soften, kick in, break down, violate, sacrifice, go bad, burst out, transgress, reach, knock out, devote, break in, break dance, present, wear, catch on, ease up, exhaustion, develop, burnout, giggly, generate, crumble, check, flare, turn over, bomb, separate, wreck, bristle, chip in, tiredness, snap, founder, erupt, bring out, come down, contribute, harm, flop, smash, unwrap, sabotage, laughing/rolling in the aisles, prostration, clang, down, calve, bankrupt, succumb, have, fragmentise, resolve, fragmentize, move over, make, pass out, destruction, dilate, open, abound, devastation, crinkle, buckle, tumble, stretch, pass, unfurl, whirl, get together, whirl around, stun, better, dissipate, black out, consecrate, recrudesce, get onto, knit, breach, languish, pay, divulge, recess, demote, havoc, pick, discover, pucker, fall down, crush, go down, dismantle, lassitude, fit, break off, disassemble, fold, hunker down, surrender, wear out, go, leave, split up, scatter, give away, decompose, bed down, dissolve into, the ravages of something, get/have the giggles, floating-point operation, weaken, get wise, burst, grant, cropper, crack-up, snap off, subside, clangor, crack, explode, win, dissect, give out, split, bunk, adjourn, drop, crash, tip, get around, twig, analyze, unfold, curl up, in stitches, fracture, go against, break, cut off, crock up, pass on, disrupt, give way, fall flat, gift, kick downstairs, cave in, infract, close, impart, cuddle up, nonachievement, damp, frazzle, decrease, offend, expose, cut, cockle, throw, weariness, dud, money, relegate, hold, broaden, take apart, join, give, fall through, analyse, dissolve, topple, reduction, open out, nonsuccess, hand, establish, faint, break out, in hysterics, fold up, crease, break away, afford, health, plunge, stop, disclose, sever, clash, crumple, in fits, washout, ruin, double, dedicate, conk out, rumple, part, shrinkage, damage, lay, bump, explosion, cotton on, clangoring, backfire, cutback, narrow, reveal, fragment, die, break apart, break-up, wrinkle, render, pause, intermit, lose it, clank, fall in, widen, feed, go under, latch on, apply, interrupt, demolition, fizzle, resist, discontinue, let on, dampen, disperse, break open, dispel, return, break through.

Usage examples: