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Definition of collateral:

  1. Side by side, or on the side; running parallel; happening or coming together in connection with an event, as collateral circumstances; in addition to, or over and above; not direct or immediate; descended from a common ancestor or stock- opposed to lineal.


coordinate, assistant, parallel, in descending order, over, corroborative, subservient, substantiative, lesser, second, dependent, corresponding, positive, help, bank rate, supportive, BIPS, indirect, corroboratory, balance, substantiating, geometry, confirming, bank statement, auxiliary, bank draft, verifying, subsidiary, secondary, banking, ancillary, lateral, confirmatory, incidental, bank, contributory, validating, bank book, borrower, subordinate, validatory, subject, verificatory, confirmative, accessory, APR, part.

Usage examples: