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Definition of colleague:

  1. A partner or associate in the same office or employment- never used of partners in trade or manufactures.
  2. To join or unite with in the same office or for the same purpose.


fella, bloke, swain, relief, co-worker, coadjutor, connect, helper, blighter, abetter _or_ abettor, accessory, peer, henchman, fellow worker, follower, cuss, lad, participator, cohort, beau, chap, young man, junior, fellow, confederate, equivalent, equal, gent, same, superior, copartner, dude, collaborator, subordinate, coworker, confrere, affiliate, boyfriend, compeer, workfellow, study at associate, retainer, attendant, counterpart, coequal, feller, workmate, buster, opposite number.

Usage examples: