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Definition of collection:

  1. the act of gathering something together


appeal, compendium, selection, omnibus, clump, collation, line of battle, agglomeration, charm, amassment, accretion, heap, order of battle, assemblage, battle array, cumulation, quantity, entreaty, disposition, corpus, collect, congeries, garland, mess, bundle, finding, order, miscellany, hodgepodge, assembling, compilation, anthology, batch, cluster, roundup, pile, hoard, solicitation, stock, accruement, holdings, ingathering, mass, hookup, symposium, accumulation, allurement, show, sight, securing, appealingness, cache, arrangement, battery, accrual, stack, combination, lot, parade, array, collecting, aggregation, exhibition, prayer, number, concentration, clutch, knot, gathering, recovering.

Usage examples: