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Definition of collision:

  1. The act of striking together of two hard bodies; opposition; interference.
  2. Which see.


hit, a world of difference, encounter, percussion, butt, impingement, crack-up, shock, kick, pileup, jounce, smasher, foul, car crash, opposition, striking, slam, aquaplane, divergence, contradiction, bang, contact, distinction, blindside, dispute, bump, confrontation, jar, break down, jolt, variation, accident, impact, concussion, interference, knock, hitting, thump, a war of words, crash, strike, bang up, thud, blowout, rap, wallop, variety, diversity, contrast, smash, broadside, conflict, misunderstanding, crackup, argument, blow, clash, smashup, quarrel, disaster, meeting, controversy, clashing, fight.

Usage examples: