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Definition of color:

Synonyms for color:

strain, engulf, colourise, guidon, interest, tinct, brown, radio, believability, redden, hammer and sickle, people of color, coloration, pretext, discolour, comb, blackness, colouration, mask, flood, skew, troops, guise, colouring material, drabness, veneer, depth, accessible, twist, barrette, panchromatic, brighten, personality, color up, glow, colorise, spark, front, trick, orange, artsy-craftsy, fade, bloodless, catch, burn, stir, enlist, semblance, albino, Jolly Roger, food coloring, influence, touch, appearance, polish, give, run, military, blow dryer, blush, subterfuge, assumption, fascination, garble, yellow, abstract, warp, drain, air, avant-garde, gold, service, genius, value, excuse, pretension, banderole, discoloration, bleach, tan, programming, gray, gloss, bite, pulse, glossary, mystery, verisimilitude, illusion, luminosity, continuity, cover, masquerade, constitution, discolor, banner, likeness, colour, coloured, show, contrast, twine, glossiness, jack, curling iron, streamer, colouring, contort, wring, purple, bunting, curler, conditioner, green, liveliness, chroma, dissimulation, flag, a, face, emblazon, force, intensity, dyestuff, wash, rubric, food colour, pretense, recruit, dullness, cloak, blankness, life, blue, bloom, character, disguisement, mast, grow, buzz, wile, self, simulation, campy, distort, blacken, banneret, complexioned, standard, zest, window-dressing, bobby pin, conscript, colorant, plausibleness, creditableness, on-screen, deform, food colouring, likely, annotate, black, false colors, clay, novelty, sweep over, pennant, aesthetic, live, vitality, heighten, burnish, creditability, pendant, better, credibility, colourize, plausibility, piquancy, televisual, flagpole, people of colour, iridescence, colorize, brightness, colour in, animation, affectation, cast, food color, complected, pennon, brush, undertone, veil, comment, checkered flag, respray, on-air, flash, colored, grip, vividness, color scheme, ruse, falsify, lead to, camp, coloring material, come over, tinge, saturation, artistic, darkness, color in, seeming, chromatic, television, rating, decide, flame, substitute, put-on, pink, richness, red, freshness, coloring, colors, baroque, flush, ensign, blazon, Blue Peter, oriflamme, disguise, pack a punch, brilliance, surge, credibleness, bronzed.

Usage examples: