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Definition of coloring:

Synonyms for coloring:

curd, additive, gloss, tincture, false colors, coloration, hyperbole, chromatic, caffeine, dyestuff, disguise, show, art form, pigment, discoloration, pretext, belles-lettres, colouration, cloak, colorant, stain, vividness, ceramics, albumin, flash, aspartame, collage, colors, food color, butterfat, cover, face, pretense, mask, colouring, food colouring, guise, coloring material, caricature, stretching, padding, veneer, darkness, color scheme, people of colour, overstatement, brass rubbing, colour, put-on, dye, contrast, elaboration, batik, food coloring, carving, magnification, color, ascorbic acid, arts and crafts, embroidery, disguisement, window-dressing, food colour, colouring material, embellishment, depth, masquerade, front, art, complexion, embroidering, veil, people of color, carbohydrate, semblance.

Usage examples: