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Definition of colour:

  1. A flag, standard, or ensign.
  2. The hue or appearance that a body presents to the eye; dye or tinge; anything used to give or impart colour to a body; a paint; appearance to the mind; false show.
  3. To alter or change the outward appearance of any body or substance; to tinge; to dye; to give a specious appearance to; to make plausible; to blush.


intensity, burnish, vividness, comment, glossary, food colour, rubric, colourise, annotate, colorise, likeness, panchromatic, colouring material, warp, illusion, touch, polish, twine, food colouring, colouring, wring, garble, food coloring, strain, tint, semblance, food color, gloss, colourize, people of colour, coloration, color, saturation, discolour, distort, color in, people of color, colouration, twist, blazon, coloring material, chroma, falsify, colour in, discolor, tinct, deform, coloring, glossiness, emblazon, tinge, contort, colorize.

Usage examples: