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Definition of coloured:

  1. Shewing colour; of African descent.


nonreversible, sour, reddened, black, slanting, multicolored, aslope, one-sided, motley, gloomy, colorful, trichrome, hued, aslant, artificial, auburn, cracker, tricolor, sloping, multicolour, swarthy, benighted, polychromatic, Canuck, ginger, red, washy, coon, colored, morose, dark, partial, monochromic, gingery, color, swart, biased, unilateral, tinted, complexioned, bloodless, bicolor, blue, monochromous, slanted, bluish, dichromatic, bicolour, bleached, saturnine, glowering, sloped, reddish-brown, grim, disconsolate, bicoloured, complected, blackened, polychromic, empurpled, diagonal, dyed, multicoloured, varicoloured, trichromatic, dark-skinned, washed-out, faded, monochrome, piebald, in color, red-faced, dour, bronzed, brown, varicolored, albino, non-white, sorry, reddish, dingy, dusky, unfair, sullen, drab, purple, particoloured, unreal, dismal, drear, moody, polychrome, monochromatic, painted, blueish, aflame, bichrome, sinister, touched, tinged, glum, dago, obscure, coolie, Eskimo, particolored, flushed, colourful, multicolor, dreary, roan, bicolored, crimson, bay, pied.

Usage examples: