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Definition of column:

  1. A pillar or shaft used to adorn or support a building; any body pressing downwards perpendicularly on its base and of the same diameter as the base, as a column of water, air, or mercury; a body of troops drawn up in deep files; a division of the page of a book; a perpendicular line of figures; in bot., the solid body formed by the union of the styles and filaments in some plants.
  2. Columnar.


shaft, tower, pedestal, argyle, classified ad, announcement, configuration, comment, cartoon, monument, company, stanchion, cirrostratus, scaffold, totem, range, newspaper column, file, exposition, array, pylon, minaret, mainstay, billow, mast, framework, pantheon, memorial, string, cenotaph, cirrus, advice column, centerfold, cue, caravan, rafter, prop, arrangement, support, group, tier, editorial, chromatography column, article, arabesque, towboat, cloudy, procession, pillar, phalanx, tugboat, upright, frame, chain, flow, the National Trust, queue, chronology, cordon, pier, obelisk, bank, row, platoon, crocodile, articulation, foundation, tug, cumulus, check, cirrocumulus, byline, cumulonimbus, line, artwork, rank, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, cheesecake, national monument, standard, monumental, coloration, banner headline, gantry, cloud, army, joist, train, buttress.

Usage examples: