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Definition of comb:

  1. An instrument with teeth for arranging or cleansing the hair, also for preparing and cleaning wool or flax; the crest of a cock; the top or crest of a wave.
  2. The collective mass of cells in which bees store their honey.
  3. To adjust, arrange, or clean with a comb.


coxcomb, bill, disencumber, turn inside out, rake, barbershop, dredge, disentangle, ransack, ivorycomb, brush, go through, condition, unwind, color, cockscomb, unsnarl, turn upside down, dye, shake down, spiderweb, reave, braid, untangle, troll, hunt down, honeycomb, collar, currycomb, weed out, despoil, curler, sort, down, crest, disembroil, nest, foray, anthill, loot, flax comb, look out for, blow dryer, barrette, hunt, crimp, comb-out, strip, graining instrument, conditioner, extricate, seek out, plunder, pillage, combing, web, common cockscomb, backcomb, cornrow, blow-dry, beak, disinvolve, pick through, cobweb, dig, beat the bushes, curling iron, bobby pin, search out, breast, straighten out, scavenge, leave no stone unturned, feather, gizzard, carding knife, investigate.

Usage examples: