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Definition of combat:

  1. A fight; a contest by force; a battle, conflict, or strife.
  2. To fight; to struggle or contend with, for, or against, to act in opposition; to oppose or resist.


cure, armed fighting, wrestle, armed combat, camouflage, bit, beset, scrimmage, tilt, fall upon, deal with, active duty, battledress, vie, beleaguer, compete, rubbish, body armor, rivalry, fix, blackout, confrontation, fighting, air cover, flake, battle cry, hassle, do something, running battle, match, dogfight, scrap, competitiveness, beleaguered, contention, bearskin, face, skirmish, hold on, challenge, process of elimination, pitched battle, field, address, set upon, tug-of-war, fleck, fray, incursion, tackle, ball game, trash, black out, contend, handle, breastplate, fist fight, fracas, see about, mission, belligerent, duel, blouse, clash, dustup, solution, compromise, strife, chevron, make the best of something, face-off, answer, resolution, active service, remedy, aggressor, brawl, competition, encounter, grapple, sweepstakes, study at battle, scrum, ensign, chip, take something on board, way out, besiege, jostle, take on, action, dress uniform, heuristics, bombed-out, battle.

Usage examples: