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Definition of come along:

  1. A gripping device, as for stretching wire, etc., consisting of two jaws so attached to a ring that they are closed by pulling on the ring.


get ahead, go up, appear, win, accompany, pass on, do, maturate, build up, mature, age, senesce, draw near, get along with, build, prosper, advance, come, climb on, raise, make progress, proceed, seem, throw out, progress, look, draw close, turn up, shape up, get on with, kick upstairs, mount, mount up, attend, make out, work up, set ahead, jump on, get along, be on, show up, hop on, surface, come up, get on, gain, bestride, fare, further, march on, board, near, boost, move on, approach, come on, promote, supercharge, elevate, bring forward, go on, gain ground, come near, encourage, upgrade, pull ahead, go with, improve, come out, make headway.